Lane's Campaign

The Road to Riches

The three adventurers, Alec, Murdoch, and Bruce the Mad, were hired by O’Malley to guard a caravan bound for Bayside. It was supposed to be an easy job – “strictly for insurance purposes,” O’Malley had said. And it was an easy job, right up to the point where O’Malley’s men tried to stash the loot in the wilderness as part of an insurance scam and murder their escorts. The party defended themselves and were able to make short work of O’Malley’s men, though a stray arrow slew one of the caravan’s horses in the process. Leaving the caravan driver tied to a wagon, the party headed to the cave where O’Malley’s goods had been hidden. While exploring the cavern, they discovered a hole leading further down into the cave. Upon climbing down, they found a small band of goblins, who promptly attacked. The party fought their way through the goblins’ lair, eventually slaying their leader, King Tork. Returning to the wagons with O’Malley’s crates, they found that the driver had escaped his bonds and fled. Murdoch took chase and Bruce took the remaining horse to Bayside for supplies, leaving a wounded Alec to guard the loot. However, Alec was attacked by a group of goblins out to avenge the death of their King, nearly killing Alec and returning to their cave with all the treasure and barricading themselves inside. Meanwhile, Murdoch eventually caught up with the driver and grilled him for information regarding O’Malley’s scheme. When it became apparent that the driver didn’t know anything, Murdoch slew him. Bruce, upon returning from Bayside and finding an unconscious Alec bleeding to death, took Alec’s body back to Bayside and left him in the care of healers there, then returned to the caves to try and dismantle the goblins’ barricade. When Murdoch arrived, Bruce sent him back to Bayside to fetch the now-mended Alec. After several unsuccessful attempts to re-enter the goblins’ lair, Bruce was set upon by a band of brigands. Despite killing two of them, he was beaten unconscious and left to die. Meanwhile, Murdoch, upon finding himself unable to pay for Alec’s care, set fire to a tavern in downtown Bayside to serve as a distraction while he and Alec made a daring escape on horseback. They returned to the cave to find the dying Bruce, and decided to cut their losses, returning to Sachsport with the remaining wagon. After hiding the wagon outside town and taking Bruce to a healer’s ward, Murdoch arranged a meeting with O’Malley, where he explained that they were attacked by goblins who had stolen all of O’Malley’s goods and pledged that the party would assist him in recovering them if they received his support. When O’Malley demanded proof, Murdoch informed him of the wagon hidden nearby and promised to take O’Malley’s men to it in exchange for his aid in defeating the goblins. O’Malley agreed, on the condition that if any deception were uncovered, the party’s lives would be at stake.



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