Lane's Campaign

Into the Pit

Leaving Alec’s Freeman’s Sigil with O’Malley as collateral, the group returned to the cave with a group of O’Malley’s men and a team of horses to seek revenge on the goblins. After using the horses to pry the barricade loose, they climbed once again into the goblins’ lair. However, upon searching it, they found it deserted. After searching the cave thoroughly and finding no clues, Murdoch noticed something peculiar: an egg he had found among King Tork’s belongings had changed from its previous blue color to a bright yellow. After some experimentation, he noticed that the egg grew brighter the closer he got to a large chest in King Tork’s chambers. Acting on a hunch, he smashed his boot into the bottom of the open chest. The bottom gave way, revealing a set of crude stairs leading further down into the depths of the cavern. As the party entered this secret chamber, they were greeted with a sight that might have been amusing in less dangerous circumstances: the band of remaining goblins were busy piling their newfound treasure before what the party presumed to be their deity – an obese but still quite deadly-looking dire wolf. Goblins not being the smartest creatures, the party deduced that they had probably confused the words “god” and “dog,” but had little time to appreciate the goblins’ ignorance before they turned to attack. The goblins and the wolf were a formidable match and several of O’Malley’s men were slain in the ensuing battle, but the party eventually overpowered them and reclaimed the stolen goods. They loaded up the treasure and headed back to Sachsport, where they returned it to O’Malley. They explained that most of his men had been killed, but O’Malley seemed much more concerned with his horses, which had remained unharmed. Satisfied, O’Malley returned Alec’s Sigil and offered his expertise in the rare goods trade to the party should they ever require it.



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