Lane's Campaign

Shopping, Violently

Armed with a bit of newfound wealth thanks to their findings in the goblins’ hoard, the group decided to head to Sachsport’s merchant district. Alec was surprised to discover that a ceremonial dagger he’d found in King Tork’s chambers was worth a large sum of money, and decided to sell it in order to commission a splint mail from the local blacksmith. Meanwhile, Murdoch headed to the library to learn more about his egg, the various mushrooms they’d gathered in the cave, and a small model castle he’d looted from the dog-god’s stash. Bruce spent some time haggling with the wainwright and procured a small horse and cart, which he proceeded to paint jet-black and dub “The Danger Cart.” Later on when the group reconvened in the middle of town, they decided to check out the local bounty board to try and earn a bit of extra cash. As they examined the postings, one jumped out at them immediately – two crude characatures that, despite being almost offensive in their depictions, were unmistakably Alec and Murdoch, posted above a note that read “WANTED FOR ARSON, BAYSIDE: 500 gold dead, 1,000 gold alive.” Around this time they also noticed a large blonde man and woman whom they’d seen several times that day, and quickly realized that they were being followed. Bruce managed to create a distraction allowing them to slip out of sight, but the pair later caught up with them again at the city gates. With nowhere to run this time, the group prepared to fight as the couple advanced on them. Murdoch shouted to the city guards for help, but as they approached the man pulled something from his pocket and showed it to the soldiers. Upon seeing it, the guard turned their attention to the party. In the ensuing fight the group managed to incapacitate the man and woman as the guards attempted to subdue them, but stopped to think twice before turning their weapons on the guards. Sheathing their weapons, they explained that they had been attacked and were only defending themselves and meant no trouble to the guards themselves. The guards placed them in shackles and explained that they had just attacked two of Sachsport’s licensed bounty hunters, Grog and his wife Berth, as proven by the badges they had produced earlier. As the guards prepared to take them to jail, Alec demanded to speak with his former master and Viscount of Sachsport, Lord Voldoff. The guards agreed to take him, but refused to allow his friends to accompany them. It was at this point that Bruce revealed a secret he’d been keeping up his sleeve and pulled his own bounty hunter’s badge from his pack. He managed to convince the guards that he had infiltrated the party with the intention of collecting the reward himself, and the guards agreed to take the entire group to Voldoff’s estate to sort things out.



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